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Third Year Information
Updated On: Jan 04, 2020

<-----Well that pretty much sums it up...

You are invincible. You are big bad 3rd know EVERYTHING and no longer need to pay attention, follow rules or have any need for the excellent staff members of the Training Center. BAWAHHHAAAHHA! We have you fooled. We are going to bombard you with Rigging Hand Signals, Semiconductors, Transformer Code Calculations, Fundamentals of Motor Control and SATURDAY SCHOOL! Be sure to read on for information about how to keep your license (it is sort of important) and tips on doing your homework the right you have been doing it all along.


Your License

Your "license" or more properly your Training Certificate, because really, you are still being a legal necessity.  DO NOT LET IT LAPSE.  This is so critically important. You cannot legally work without a valid Training Certificate, you AND the employer AND the Training Center are subject to HUGE fines if you are caught, not to mention - all hours worked on an expired Training Certificate DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR 8000 OJT requirement. Don't brush it off...experience has shown that apprentices have let their license lapse for up to four months losing almost 600 hours. That's a long time of working after everyone else in your class has graduated.  All you have to do is bring in your Affidavit of Experience from L&I or contact Deona and she can have one ready in usually 24 hours.

Your Homework did not magically stop. Here are some helpful guidelines to keep you on track.

     1. Problem write-ups are your permanent record of your understanding of the material  covered.  You DO NOT get any tests to keep but you do get your lesson materials for future reference.

     2. Solutions should be clearly and logically presented. This means that:

  • Your method should always be clear. It should be easy to figure out what your are doing and why
  • Use a lot of space.
  • Equations should usually be accompanied by prose.  Before plunging into alegra, state what it is you are solving for. If there are any non-obvious steps in a calculation, explain them.
  • Write equations in a logical order.
  • Use pencil. Rarely do apprentices get 100% of the lesson questions correct the first try.

     3. Solutions should stand on their own and should be understandable to someone who hasn't read the problem. This means at times that youshould paraphrase the question before writing your response. Use pencil.

     4. We will not give numerical grades on HW assignments. Instead, we will check for an honest effort at completion. We are mainly interested in thoughtfully attacked the problem and wrote it up in a clear and coherent way.

     5. Few minor requests.....

  • Limit the amount of loose paper you turn in.
  • Put your name on ALL your books...your class has lost a few...
  • Do your homework a little at a time rather than cramming into the weekend before school!! No names names, but you know who you are. We know who you are.

(insert evil, maniacal laugh here)

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